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The Soll Eye Foundation

The Soll Eye Foundation-Working for a Better View of Tomorrow

The David B. Soll Education and Research Foundation was established in 1971 as a non-profit organization dedicated to help improve current methods of eye care and to promote research in eye diseases. The Foundation works to provide: Worldwide medical education, finer surgical techniques, advanced equipment and support for low income patients.

All contributions are tax deductible. Donations may also be given in wills, pooled income trusts and by other similar means.

The Foundation sincerely appreciates the continued help of its donors and needs your support to continue its educational, surgical, research and clinical practice work.

Dear Friend,

Ophthalmology has made tremendous advances during the last two decades, and the work of organizations like the Education and Research Foundation have played an important role. But the cost of research and education continues to rise, and we need more help than ever before.

We are sustained entirely by your contributions, so the success of out programs depends largely on you. Donate what you can to the Foundation, and help us to continue to improve eye care worldwide. Your support is vital Thank you very much for your support.

David B. Soll, M.D., FACS

Make checks payable to:

The David B. Soll M.D. Education and Research Foundation
5001 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19124

Benefactor names (over $250) will be inscribed on wall plaques at 5001 Frankford Ave.

The David B. Soll, M.D. Education and Research Foundation is a non-profit Organization dedicated to the Improvement of eye care.