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Optical Center

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Optical Center Welcome to the optical shops of Soll Eye. We carry most major lines of frames, including Luxotica, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Lilly Pulitzer and more. Our trained and certified Opticians will help you find a frame that is fashionable and comfortable. One that makes you look your best and fits your life style. Most of our frames come with a one year unconditional guarantee; if they break, for any reason, they will be replaced free of charge.

We specialize in expert contact lens fitting and speciality glasses. Glasses for golfers, scuba divers, and other sports, as well as occupational safety glasses are available. Soll Optical has all of the lens styles available on the market today. We provide progressive, standard and specialty bifocals to accommodate every need. Also available are specialty tints, ultraviolet protection and transition lenses to fit every lifestyle.

So many people today use computers, spending hours reading and looking at computer monitors, that they need glasses designed for the most comfortable vision at those distances. We provide custom-made computer glasses with properly placed bifocal segments, glare-reducing tints, and correctly measured focal distances to help prevent eye strain and neck strain.

Contact Lenses

Contact LensesMillions of people around the world wear contact lenses, which, depending on one's lifestyle, motivation and health of the eyes, can provide a safe and effective alternative to eyeglasses. Contact lenses are thin, clear disks of plastic that float on the tear film that coats the cornea and are used to correct the same conditions as eyeglasses.

There are two general types of lenses, hard and soft. Hard lenses include rigid gas permeable, or PRP, lenses that are more wettable, easier to adjust to and more comfortable to wear than the older PMMA contacts. These may be the best choice when the cornea has enough astigmatism that a soft lens will not provide sharp vision. They may also be preferable when a person has allergies or tens to form protein deposits on his or her contacts. Soft lenses are the choice of more than three quarters of contact lens wearers, for their comfort as well as for the great number of options available. These include daily wear lenses, the least expensive, that are removed nightly and replaced on an individualized schedule; extended wear lenses that are worn overnight but are removed at least weekly for thorough cleaning and disinfection; and disposable wear lenses, which are more expensive but also convenient, being removed nightly and replaced on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


There are some risks to wearing contact lenses. Lenses that are not properly cleaned and disinfected increase the risk of eye infection. Lenses that are old or not properly fitted may scratch the eye or induce blood vessels to grow in the cornea. It is best to avoid the use of eyedrops while wearing lenses except for wetting drops recommended by your eye doctor.

Choose an eye care professional who is experienced with contact lenses, with whom you can discuss your needs and expectations. Doctors at Soll Eye are well-versed in all the ramifications of contact lens prescription and use.

How To Apply And Remove Contact Lenses Contact Lenses

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