Oculoplastic Trauma

Trauma can affect any part of the eye or surrounding structures Dr. Soll is skilled in the surgical repair of orbital, eyelid, and tear duct trauma.

The most common type of orbital trauma is an orbital fracture This can occur when the orbit strikes a large object such a fist, baseball, or dashboard If you have sustained an orbital fracture, Dr. Soll will determine if it needs surgery or if medical therapy is more appropriate If the fracture needs surgery, Dr. Soll will create a custom-sized orbital implant to bridge the gap in the bone and restore all orbital tissues to their normal anatomical location.

Dr. Soll is also skilled in repairing lacerations of the eyelids and tear ducts using delicate microsurgical techniques In addition, he works with patients who have had trauma in the past in order to rehabilitate the function and appearance of the eyelids.